What will drive Australian sheep and lamb prices?

Lamb and sheep markets have weathered the dry conditions of the last two years well compared to cattle, but haven’t seen the surge in prices we’ve seen for cattle recently.  

Will lamb prices continue to face headwinds? Importantly, what prices can we budget on for the coming years?

In this webinar, held on 28 July 2015, Meat & Livestock Australia's (MLA's) Market Information Manager, Ben Thomas, presents the latest update for MLA's sheepmeat industry projections.  Mecardo analyst, Angus Brown, then analyses what this update means for the outlook for sheep and lamb prices going forwards.

Mecardo provides independent analysis of cattle, sheep, wool and grain markets.  Mecardo joins forces with MLA to offer the very latest insight into sheepmeat markets.

You will hear about:

  • Key drivers of the sheep and lamb market over the next five years
  • Risks and opportunities in the market
  • Likely impact of El Nino on sheep and lamb markets
  • Price outlook for Australian sheep and lamb markets